I recently watched an extremely interesting and informative documentary on the life and the empire of the original and the fantastical Dr. Bronner. Not only did I learn so many fascinating facts about the company, I also learned of the man who started it all. It made me wonder… what in the world made Dr. Bronner, Dr. Bronner?

‘Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soapbox’ documented the life of this fascinating man and his family.

Widely known for his all-one purpose liquid soap, his company has now expanded from liquid  soap into a vast assortment of USDA Certified Organic products. Thanks to this documentary, I learned of this man who truly cared for people and for the better of ‘spaceship earth’. As odd as he may have appeared to some, he was innovative and ingenious. The writings and scriptures on the soap labels not only show the oddity of this company but the sincerity as well. Though he has passed, Dr. Bronner’s family continues his legacy and business while promoting multiple charities and connecting with the lives of everyday people.

I strongly support this man and this company more so now than ever due to this cutting edge documentary. Dr. Bronner’s organic products are now available almost everywhere, so there’s no excuse to not get out there and try some! Or, if already a user, you can keep buying these eco-friendly and certified organic products. Check out their website as well to learn more about the company and those who dedicate their time and efforts to it: http://www.drbronner.com.