My apologies, I was so excited to start this blog up and forgot the introduction!

Anyways, this blog will be about the all natural and organic world and how to lead a healthier lifestyle. I will answer questions like, are the products we are using considered natural? Why the organic world? How do I become more natural? What will be the outcomes and what will I learn to change not only myself but the world one natural product at a time?

I plan to introduce you to those who are trying to make a difference in what they use and how they live. ‘Going green’ is becoming exceptionally popular now especially in places like California. I want to know, why is this trend not just a trend anymore? What is it doing not only for me but for the environment as well?

I am always open to comments and suggestions about new products and more insightful information about this lifestyle. Follow me as I take you on this journey to discover the truth, make a difference, and look and feel beautiful and healthy. 🙂