Hello all! I know about two weeks or so ago I was going to write a review about the Yes To products… well, that time has come!

My first one to review will be the Yes To Tomatoes Shampoo and Yes to Tomatoes Conditioner. I have been using these natural and tress-friendly products for about the two weeks now.

Let’s start with the shampoo. First off, the smell was surprisingly interesting. The fragrance was not overpowering and the overall appearance looked great! The shampoo lathered very nice and instantly gave my hair a clean yet silky feeling. As for the volume part, I really haven’t noticed much of a difference, and believe me, my hair is as straight as it can come and lacks complete dimension. The shampoo also seems to leave my scalp a bit more itchy compared to other natural shampoos I have been using, but maybe I will start to get used to it.

As for the conditioner, the fragrance was light yet delicious. Some of the ingredients listed in both the shampoo and conditioner made them a must have for me to try. The conditioner contains gingko extract, mushroom, tomato, dead sea silt and more! For conditioners, I usually prefer something a little thick because I like the feeling of a deep conditioner working its way through my hair. Yet, this conditioner, even though it was light, surprisingly made my hair silky, shiny and unbelievably soft. Again, not so positive about the whole added volume but to each their own. Overall, I highly recommend the conditioner, not only because it makes my hair feel great but the ingredients are enough to make me want to indulge in the wonderful benefits of lycopene!

Finally, to the Yes to Blueberries Towelettes.. It really does the job. For me, I honestly felt like it did an excellent job at cleaning the makeup off of my face but not my eye makeup. I would highly recommend these towelettes for your gym bag or purse for when you need that pick-me-up clean feel. My skin did not feel tight or dry after using due to some of the moisturizing properties found in this natural product. I will be using these before and after a workout and at the beach to wipe away the sea and sand feel! The smell is not the most pleasant but it does not linger for very long.. another bonus!

Thanks for reading and I highly recommend looking into this brand and company.. and if there are suggestions for other all- natural beauty products, I am all ears! 🙂