Finally! It is that time of year. The time when winter has finally ended and we can shed those dismal days and the food along with it and enjoy spring. The time to start planting a garden, spend more time outdoors, and time to cleanse our bodies!

Now, I know that detoxes are currently a hot topic and though I have been tempted to spend over $100 on professional cleanses, I just can’t get past that maybe these cleanses aren’t so good for you. Some say that they disrupt the way your digestive system works, that if not done right you can become dehydrated and quite ill.

Well, what I have decided and what has always worked as a natural and effective spring cleaning for my body can simply be found at the grocery store.

What is it you ask? I have my tasty three fruits and veggies that never fail.

1. Lemon. Lemon is chock full of vitamin C and is especially healthy for your kidneys. It’s famous for being a quick and everyday safe cleanse for your body! I add lemon to my water, tea, and even add on top of certain foods as a zest.

2. Kiwi. Another fruit loaded with vitamin C, it also contains the right amount of fiber for your daily diet. Just one of these delicious green morsels a day and you have added an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals to your body!

3. Spinach. Yes, the kind Popeye uses to grow instantaneous muscles! Unfortunately it takes more than just this leafy green to make us ridiculously strong in a second, but close enough! It is just enough of what our body needs. Spinach is famous for vitamin K, fiber, and numerous other vitamins and minerals. Care about the health of your body? Eat this. I add spinach to my salad, to my sandwiches, and even make green smoothies with it!

Give these a try and your body will be thanking you. What fruits and veggies make you feel and look your best?