Hello! Today I have another interview up for all to see!

Jess runs a wonderful all-natural shop that caters to a variety of health needs and interests.  Thanks again to her for doing this interview with me! She has some great insight and some really great products!

1. Your teas look absolutely delectable, but I am very curious about your organic matcha tea… what really makes matcha green tea so healthy and how does it differ from regular green teas?

Matcha green tea is very special.. it has been used for centuries in Japanese tea ceremonies, awakening to us that matcha was highly revered. It is made from the highest quality young green tea leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and is finely powdered, making it unique to whole leaf green teas commonly available. When you delight your sense of smell, something inside you signals it is the superfood of green teas! It’s super rich green color instinctevly notes it is highly rich in anti-oxidants and processed with gentle minds. Many teas of the camellia sinensis plant are fermented, cooked and even aged. All green teas have benefits, but matcha sits on the throne of royal tea.

2. The shop has a variety of organic products from teas to mouthwash to tonics. How did you come about creating and thinking of all of it? And, what are your top selling products?

My mind is inspired and moved by the natural mystic of nature. There are so many amazing plants and remedies to make.

I let my herbal collections plant seeds of wisdom to blossom creations unique to my artistic point of view. I have been making art my whole life and making herbal remedies is a way to share the gift of being human to express and steward natures gifts to us. The colors and unique gifts herbs have move me to manifesting my herbal art.

The most popular items are : the ultimate green drink for it’s deep rich green that note deep forest nourishment . Blush salve and the blood orange lip tint : the red tints for the cheeks and lips to accent our amazing spirits. The quarter life crisis balm is so amazing for keeping our skin in check with five different organic oils. The chakra sample tea pack for uniting all the colors and parts of our selves and of course the matcha green tea.

3. I’ve noticed that your shop is very earth friendly and eco conscious… what steps do you take to be green? And, what are your feelings about how people should be aware of what we put in our body and put on?

There must be a balance with the earth humans must to strive for. I am the only one who can be responsible for my movements across life’s trail. Small things make the biggest difference: being aware of what you take from the world is as important as what you throw away. I would suggest doing what you can, that is in balance with your own life. You don’t have to make drastic changes, but ones that will make both you and the planet happier.

The awakening process is up to each individual. The curious will seek the wisdom, but stay grounded and find a balance. It is no question, unless from a good source, a lot of products on the market are not the best for us. Small desicions like buying from farmers markets, shopping at natural food coops, growing food, DIY, foraging, learning about natural healing and staying stress-free is a magnet for radiance to those who are open.

4. Your organic superfood’s look extremely healthy.. how do they benefit your consumer health wise and earth wise?

Color is life. I want the richest and most nourishing herbs I can find: the givers and extenders of existence. I like to share the knowledge I have found in herbal medicine. I make my own shipping boxes and bicycle deliver all of my packages to the Post Office. I forage and try to rely less on using the system. I have hope that the human part of the world will move towards that with a better relationship with nature, and we will not destroy ourselves beforehand.