This week, I interviewed Lora, owner and maker of Willow Tree Minerals. Her shop is not only enticing with its array of all natural and good-for-you products, but it is absolutely adorable! The way her makeup and other products are displayed beat out the rest of the competition. Check out this interview and also her shop!

1. Where did you get the inspiration/idea for the name of your shop and for the products you make?

I went many years without being able to wear any makeup because I had such severe reactions to the chemicals and toxins. I decided to try and make a few products for myself. My friends and family soon asked me if I would make product for them and soon my company was born.
As for the name of my business, I wanted something natural and earthy, but the words natural, healthy and earth seemed to be overused in other company’s names. So, when Willow Tree popped in my head it seemed to fit the feel I wanted and was different than other cosmetic lines.

2. What are your favorite products that you make and why?

 It’s hard to choose a favorite product because each and every one I have put my heart and soul into to make them perfect. I probably have the most fun with my eye shadows though, because of all the colors. I also LOVE my lip shimmers because I have never been able to find the right lipstick and these are exactly my style!

3. Some mineral makeup companies claim that their products help the consumers skin over time.. Do you think that’s true? If not, why? And, does your mineral makeup offer any benefits to the consumers skin/body when being used? 

Mineral makeup can actually improve your skin overtime. But there are several factors that have to be looked at:
A. Are the ingredients used ALL natural or just some of them?
B. What quality of minerals are being used, and are any of them highly processed?
C. Are they using micronized minerals?

All those facts determine how great they will be for your skin. Benefits for Willow Tree’s Minerals are:
A. Calms & soothes irritated & acne prone skin. With anti-inflammatory properties it heals & conceals
B.  Will not cake or crease like liquid foundation & is sweat and waterproof
C.  Good for your complexion & will not clog pores. No chemicals, talc, perfume, dyes, phthalates, bismuth, parabens or micronized minerals
D. Provides Natural UVA/UVB Sun protection
E.  No hidden ingredients

4. What experience do you have with making your products and where did you come up with the natural ingredients?

My entire life I had to be careful with what product I used because of my sensitive body. So I have gotten really good at knowing my ingredients and being well educated on what these ingredients can do to your health and what the different laws are concerning makeup and body care. The most shocking information that I think everyone deserves to know is:

An average American uses 10-15 personal care products daily. However, the government does not require pre-market safety testing before approving body care products. It approves an average of seven new chemicals every day, and 80% are approved in three weeks or less, with or without safety tests. Industrial chemicals are the basic ingredients of personal care products that contain carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers, and surfactants.

I think in a time where cancer and diseases are running rampant, each of us should educate ourselves on what we are putting on our body and take charge of our own health, instead of relying on a company to do so!

Thank you so much to Lora and her wonderful shop! 🙂