Hey there!

The word ‘diet’ can be quite cumbersome and very difficult to follow through with. So today, instead of using the word diet, I want you all to say healthy eating. That’s all it really comes down to really, watching what you eat and how much you eat. Along with throwing exercise in there as well.

  I have just started a new semi-to-no gluten meal plan. Gluten is  found in everything from breads to pastas. It is the processed ‘stuff’ pretty much. When I first discovered a person who was on a gluten free ‘diet’, it was my best friend’s mother who was diagnosed with celiac’s disease. Celiac’s is no stroll through the poppy field,  people living with it have to maintain an extremely strict diet and as they say, literally ‘watch what they eat’. Recently gluten has been in the news with some famous faces like Miley Cyrus and Elizabeth Hasslebeck raving about a gluten free lifestyle.

For the next two weeks, I plan to try this gluten-free plan and see what results I get. I am so ready to cut the urges for processed sugars like candy and pastas and hope that my sluggishness and breakouts may recede.

For day one I had gluten-free cereal with unsweetened almond milk and water. For lunch I had an organic spring and baby spinach mix salad with avocado, tomato, walnuts, wild alaskan salmon and organic balsamic vinaigrette dressing. For snacks, I indulged in gluten-free multi grain crackers with almond butter (a healthy alternative to peanut butter!) and a kiwi. I literally felt like I had much more energy and felt good about what I was putting into my body. For dinner I plan to have lean chicken with a special sauce and asparagus cooked in olive oil.

Day one of my gluten-free lifestyle is almost to an end! I’m excited for tomorrow’s meals! If you’d like more information on gluten and gluten-free recipes just simply google and you have thousands of options available now.