As I become more knowledgeable and pretty confident in my understandings and use of all-natural and organic products, I thought that it would be important to share what makes a company and products organic? Luckily, the U.S. has stricter policies and rules about companies using organic ingredients and how they should be labeled for the public to see. So that is why I always enforce the ‘please thoroughly read the ingredients before buying’ policy. It has really changed my views of companies and made me much more aware of what I am putting on and in my body.

Here is what labels mean when they say organic (these are also the codes that companies have to follow because of the USDA and federal legislation, a round of applause for them!): 1. A product is pure and nothing but certified organic when it says ‘100% organic’ on the label. No fooling consumers there! But, this is where it can get tricky, 2. In order to be labeled ‘organic’ a company must use at least 95% organic ingredients in their products…wonder what defines the other 5%? And lastly, 3. Products that are labeled ‘made with certified organic ingredients’ has to use at least 70% organic material.

I used to pick up numerous ingredients that would have the second or third rule on the labels thinking that all of the ingredients were good for me, but they weren’t. Please please please people, read the ingredients and become more familiar with what is truly good for you and what is just a cheap filler in a product. Your health and body will thank you.