Hi all! For this post I will be interviewing my mother, one of the greatest gardeners I know! Although summer is a great time for the sun and vacations and ice cream, I fully enjoy the fresh taste of home grown tomatoes, green beans, peppers, squash, zucchini and more! So, here is what my momma has to say about how to grow and maintain a delicious and naturally cultivated garden:

1. Why is it important to grow a garden without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals?

Pesticides may preserve and protect fruits and vegetables from bugs and deterioration, but how natural is that? Why eat something and put something in your body that is genetically engineered and who’s purpose is to prevent insects from eating it?! Grocery stores may do that, but we do not with our garden. We produce plants that taste great because they are not contaminated with unnatural chemicals. The soil is naturally taken care of and thoroughly prepped before we plant.

2. What do we use to protect the plants then?

Instead of chemically processed pesticides, we use Rotenone, which is a natural insecticide. It is a crushed root that repels the bugs, and we use a sparse amount as well. We also spray vinegar on plants to keep cut worms off.

3. What are some tips for having and maintaining a healthy and tasty garden? 

Compost makes the soil richer (compost can be food at dinner that was not eaten and foods that act naturally with the soil to make it healthier.

Over the winter we plant barley and rye and till it into the soil in the spring. This adds extra nutrients for the soil.

We also rotate crops, so they are never in the same spot every single year.

Add some water and there  you go! A delicious and nutritious store right in your backyard!


Gardening is extremely important. It helps to teach us responsibility and patience, and it also adds natural health and daily nutrition for our bodies. Trust me, there is nothing like sinking your teeth into a natural and home grown tomato! 🙂