This interview I did with another Etsy seller, Kelli, who owns and is the creative mind and powerhouse behind her brand, CrushedBotanicals. So here we are…Enjoy 🙂

1. How does your mineral makeup compare and even contrast to name brand mineral makeup companies?

When I set around to design and formulate my own line of mineral make-up, I thoroughly tested and reviewed other brands on the market. I wanted to stay away from Bismuth Oxychloride and Silica, which many name brands use and are considered toxins. Also, I wanted to a finish that was matte, not shiny, good for everyday natural looks. I wanted to keep the shine and shimmer to the eyes and create a soft touch, ethereal textured skin look for my customers. Lastly, I wanted to be about creating various shades, including asian, latina and darker skin tones that many make-up brands tend to ignore. I was able to incorporate all of these desires into an all natural, organic handcrafted product that I am proud is made in the USA completely (including the plastics and labels!) and is affordable.

There are some wonderful make-up brands out there, and how I differentiate my brand to the others is my personal customer service, attention to details, and working one-on-one with a customer to ensure the perfect color and tone match.

2. What made you decide to make and sell mineral makeup? And, what are some of the processes you have to go through in order to make the best quality makeup? 

I received my MBA in the United Kingdom at the University of Aberysytywth, Wales, after completing my undergraduate studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Living and studying abroad and immersing myself in business studies opened up an entirely new perspective on commerce and trade. I realized I could combine my years of retail marketing work with my newly found confidence of graduate degree business knowledge into my own brand. I loved make-up and realized that my perfect ‘life business’ fit was to create my own brand and label, now known as Crushed Botanicals.

3. What is your top-selling product(s) and why?

My top selling products are:
My Detox organic skincare– customers rave that it removes acne, and is a God send to their skincare needs.
Undereye concealer cream– customers say it has completely changed their make-up look and allows them to look more ‘younger’ and more rested.

4. Do you think that there is a difference in mineral makeup compared to drugstore makeup? If so, how is it better or how does it differ? 

Absolutely, for one it is handcrafted IN the USA, not imported from a poorly regulated sweatshop overseas. It is sourced with absolutely pure ingredients. I have seen first hand ingredients made for mineral makeup from ‘factories’ in other countries and the reality is stunning. They use extremely low quality colors that are wrapped around toxic substances to create eye makeup and mineral makeup. 

So there you have it! As I have done my own shopping through her site I have just realized how beautiful her eyeshadows are and how luscious the body souffle looks! Please check out her shop and support this great all-natural business who believes that the customer and the quality comes first! Thanks so much Kelli!